Continuing Education

Every licensee shall, on or before the expiration date of his license, or at a time directed by the Commission, submit proof of completion of not less than sixteen (16) clock hours of approved course work to the Commission.

Required Continuing Education Courses:

A. Dont Get Caught in Court:  This two hour course is designed to examine and discuss the various types of Courts involved in the real estate market, as well as common infractions and penalties involving real estate agents, and ways to limit their liability and handle complaints effectively.  The objective of this course is to make agents aware of Mississippi license law in order to provide them with the knowledge they need to avoid common pitfalls and stay out of court.  In addition, agents will demonstrate the importance of knowing the Code of Ethics, disclosure, agency and more.

B.  Contracts: Reading between the Lines:  This two hour course is designed to provide the real estate practitioner with a heightened ability to understand, properly complete and explain the contracts commonly used in real estate transactions.  With improved knowledge, the agent’s skills in working with the contracts should promote more professionalism and fewer misunderstandings in day to day activities of the practice of real estate.

C.  License Law: What was I Thinking?   This two hour course is designed to provide real estate licensees with a heightened knowledge of Real Estate License Law in Mississippi.  The objective is to promote a more professional, better educated licensee representing the real estate profession, as well as a licensee operating with greater risk reduction skills.

D.  MS Real Estate Licensing Law:  This two hour course is designed to offer a practical understanding of how real estate license law affects everyday business.  Students will review typical real estate scenarios and determine through discussion and examination how a real estate professional should conduct business according to law.

E.  Agency for Todays Realtor:  This two hour course is designed to address real agency issues and laws, including seller agency, buyer agency, and dual agency.  Upon completion of this course a licensee will be better able to serve clients while complying with laws that are related to real estate agency.

Continuing Education: Elective Courses

A.  Time Management:  This two hour real estate course will provide effective systems to assist agents in the management and balance of time.  The course focuses on analyzing and prioritizing activities, developing a scheduling process, and recognizing and overcoming time traps.

B.  Establishing Successful Habits in Real Estate:  The Business Principles of John D. Rockefeller:  This two hour real estate course focuses on creating a strategic plan utilizing business principles mastered by Standard Oil tycoon, John D. Rockefeller.

C.  SmartMarketing:  Developing and Maintaining a Circle of Influence:  This two hour real estate course offers an agent a guideline to develop a circle of influence and a system which functions as an effective prospecting tool to maintain close personal relationships with people who are in a position to support his/her business.

D.  Creating and Analyzing a Real Estate Business Plan:  This two hour real estate course focuses on the foundation for writing a salesperson’s real estate business plan.  The key elements of the plan include a situational analysis of the previous year, a projected expense report, a projection of income based on units closed, and a marketing, prospecting, and professional development strategy. This systematic process will allow the agent to review past results and create a plan to insure his/her financial goals are met in a prescribed time limit.

E.  Goal Setting:  Getting What You Want in Life:  This two hour real estate course offers an agent a simple and effective methodology to develop and achieve business goals.  The course demonstrates how to build self- confidence, self-esteem, and how to handle adversity and respond to challenges that often prevent success.

F.  The Mastermind of Oz:  This two hour real estate course presents the concept of Napoleon Hill’s Mastermind Alliance, utilizing characters and themes found in The Wizard of Oz, and demonstrates a system for selecting members, setting standards, establishing short term goals, and managing a group whose sole objective is the success of each member.

G.  Fair Housing and Ethical Practices:  This two hour real estate course reviews the history of Fair Housing in the United States and focuses on discrimination in the practice of real estate. Topics include the protected classes, exemptions, prohibited actions, advertising regulations and actual court cases. Tips will be offered on how to demonstrate the practice of fair housing in real estate business.

H.  ME, Inc.:  This two hour course is designed to help the student evaluate their current business plan and determine the success or failure of its components. The student will be given multiple choices through a panel discussion and skills practice allowing them to evaluate their individual style. At the completion of the course, the student will be able to set up a real estate business model and write a business plan.

I.  Working with Developers/Builders/Contractors:  This two hour course addresses and introduces students to the overall real estate process of conception, market research, design, construction, and financing of a new product.  The objective is to teach methods of practice which will enable licensees to attract, develop and maintain relationships with developers, builders, and contractors.

J. Understanding a Financial Calculator:  This two hour course teaches basic skills necessary to utilize a financial calculator to become proficient with this vital tool of real estate.  The student will learn the keystrokes and methods of calculating using the HP12C financial calculator.

K.  Advance Uses of a Financial Calculator:  In this two hour course, the licensee will learn advanced formulas, functions, and applications including: time concepts, statistical applications, and interest rate computations.

L.  Home Warranty 101:  This two hour course is designed to help the student gain an understanding of the historical benefits and the current protection a home warranty provides to consumers.  The objective is to offer a basic overview of contract wording, pre-existing conditions, excluded items, and coverage limitations.

M.  Attitudes of a Top Producer:  This two hour course is designed to promote the concept that the success of an individual or company depends on the attitude of the person/persons.  Students will discuss and consider factors that determine our attitude, how to recognize and develop a positive in others, and developing a winning action plan.

N.  Real Estate Etiquette:  This two hour course introduces students to the importance of their professional image.  Topics of discussion include:  how to develop a winning attitude, effective communication, how to conduct successful interviews and presentations, office protocol, team building, and rules of negotiations.

O.  Selling Resort Condominiums on the MS Gulf Coast:

P.  Understanding Foreclosure:  This two hour course is intended for licensees who are involved in selling REO inventory.  The objective is to provide an understanding of a licensee’s role and responsibilities involved in REO management, strategies to successfully market REO properties, key factors for processing offers and closing REO contracts, and various methods of selling REO properties and determining value.

Q.  New Conditions, New Market:  Short Sales/Foreclosures:  This two hour course is designed to equip students with the skills needed to manage short sale/foreclosure transactions and the paperwork involved.  Students will learn practical approaches to the pre-foreclosure and foreclosure processes that will result in the successful sale of these properties.

R.  Building a Facebook of Business:  This two hour real estate elective course offers an agent a guideline for creating a personal Facebook Page and utilizing it as a prospecting tool in their real estate business.  The focus will be on setting up the page to reach a target market, locating prospects, and developing relevant content to build on-going relationships.  The agent will master the technology skills needed and implement a formula that will convert traditional prospecting methods to current social networking objectives.

S. Climbing Mount Objective:  This two hour real estate course focuses on implementing a five step process and demonstrating techniques to successfully handle client objections. The key elements involved include:  adjusting the agent’s negative attitude, determining if the client’s response is an objection that may be overcome or a condition that can’t be altered, mastering a five step process to handle objections often encountered in a real estate transaction, and determining the proper time to acknowledge an objection.  This course will assist the agent in understanding that an objection is not a deal breaker, but an opportunity to work with the client toward a successful sale.

T.  Marketing Strategy Presentation for Sellers: This two hour real estate elective course offers an agent a guideline for creating an effective Marketing Strategy to present to Sellers during a listing consultation.  The focus of the topic utilizes the information found in the NAR 2011 Profile of Homebuyers and Sellers regarding where Buyers found out about the homes they purchased.  The agent will practice presenting the strategy and statistical reports that support its findings

National Association of REALTORS® Designation Courses

          Real Estate Buyers Agent Council (REBAC)

1.  Accredited Buyer Representative Course – ABR:  This two day course is the “Benchmark of Excellence in Buyer Representation.”  Topics covered are agency, service delivery, marketing and promotion, and negotiation and risk management.  The objectives are to educate and prepare buyer representatives to provide service and fidelity to buyers and to offer methods for building buyer representation business.

2.  e-PRO Certification Course:  This course is sponsored by the National Association of REALTORS® and is designed to be comprehensive and interactive.  The objective for this course is to assist real estate professionals thrive in the competitive world of online real estate.  This course meets the elective requirement for the ABR Designation awarded by the Real Estate Buyers Agent Council (REBAC).

3.  Home Affordable Foreclosure Alternatives (HAFA):  This course offers licensed real estate professionals the skill, knowledge, and tools necessary to master the short sale process and assist homeowners avoid foreclosure.  The material includes an in-debt review of U S Treasury, Fannie Mae, and Freddie Mac programs.  This course meets the elective requirement for the ABR Designation awarded by the Real Estate Buyers Agent Council (REBAC).